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When frontline pain relief falls short—turn over a new Leaf

Leaf is a digital health platform providing expert guidance through the world of plant medicine to those with persistent treatment-resistant pain.

How It Works

Our quick and easy digital care enables your to access a trusted, accredited doctor, anywhere in Australia.

Screening Questionnaire

Start with a comprehensive questionnaire, helping us tailor a care plan to your unique needs.
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Video Consult

Meet our accredited prescribers via video call to discuss your symptoms, treatment options, and your suitability for plant medicine.
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Medicine at Your Doorstep

If eligible, our partner pharmacies will dispense and deliver your medication with full respect for your privacy.
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Follow-up Care

Periodic check-ups every 3-6 months ensure your treatment remains effective and suited to your needs.
Leaf is designed for you;
the individual tired of battling chronic pain, seeking alternative pathways to relief.
To be eligible for Leaf Health, you must:
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Have experience persistent pain for 6 months or longer.
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Have tried other frontline treatments with limited success.
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Not be pregnant, breastfeeding or have a history of psychosis.
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Feel informed, empowered & supported

At the heart of Leaf Health lies a dedication to ethical and evidence-based practice, bound by a deep-rooted respect for your autonomy and choice.
We're committed not only to providing you with effective treatment options, but also to helping you understand the therapeutic efficacy and risks of plant medicine.

A scientifically rigorous approach to plant medicine for chronic pain.

At Leaf Health, our commitment to evidence-based, ethical practice is at the heart of everything we do. We firmly believe that medicines, like any other treatment modality, should be approached with scientific rigor, transparency, and the utmost respect for patient welfare.

Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of research in the field of alterative pain relief. We continuously monitor and evaluate the latest scientific evidence, ensuring that our products and practices reflect current best knowledge. This approach allows us to create safe, effective, and personalised treatment options for those living with persistent pain.

Moreover, we recognise the importance of open, honest communication with our patients. We prioritise patient education, providing clear, accurate information about medicines, their potential benefits, and their risks. This commitment to transparency empowers our patients to make informed decisions about their care, fostering a therapeutic partnership based on mutual respect and trust.

Painless and Robyn Health, our sister brands, further enhance our commitment to comprehensive care. As leading entities in pain care and Fibromyalgia treatment respectively, their services complement Leaf's offerings, enabling a multifaceted, integrated approach to care.

Simple & transparent fees

We're dedicated to making our treatment accessible to everyone.

Initial consult

Initial assessment and medicine planning with an accredited prescriber.

Review consult

Check-ups and prescription refills with your preferred prescriber.
$20 off

Partner brand discounts

All patients of Painless & Robyn Health receive $20 off their initial consult.

Basic plan

Ideal for small teams and startups.
This includes...
Access to all basic features
Basic reporting and analytics
Up to 10 individual users
20GB individual data each user
Basic chat and email support
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Business plan

Growing teams up to 20 users.
Everything in our basic plan plus....
200+ integrations
Advanced reporting and analytics
Up to 20 individual users
40GB individual data each user
Priority chat and email support
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Enterprise plan

Large teams with unlimited users.
Everything in our business plan plus....
Advanced custom fields
Audit log and data history
Unlimited individual users
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Personalised+priotity service
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How it works

Fibromyalgia isn't just a physical condition—it impacts every facet of your life. That understanding has shaped our unique care model.

Meet Your Coach

We believe in the power of understanding and empathy in navigating the journey through pain—so that's where we start. In this first consult, your coach will listen to your story, understand your unique expression of fibromyalgia, and together, you'll begin planning the path forward.

Medical Investigation

Emphasising the importance of addressing the root causes of fibromyalgia, your medical care will begin with a detailed investigation to identify any biochemical and hormonal imbalances, sensitivities, infections, or environmental factors that may be contributing to your condition.

Medical Treatment

With a complete picture of your fibromyalgia and overall health, your doctor will collaborate closely with you and your coach to assemble a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. Treatment may include medication, supplementation, special therapies or, in some cases, referral to one of our specialist partners.

Ongoing Coaching

Your coaching journey will be as unique as you are, with each session tailored to your current needs, experiences and aspirations. Some sessions will be more practical and solutions-orientated, others may feel more like talk therapy, offering a place of compassionate understanding on a tough day.

Seek plant medicine guidance from persistent pain experts.

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